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Changing Lives through Adventure

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Your paddle is supporting paddle therapy for survivors of trauma!  See our important work,  read about our founder and read about our founder below!


It is well documented that exercise releases certain in the brain that decrease depression and anxiety, while also increasing chemicals that feel good.


When focused on paddling, sense of mindfulness enables the paddler to be fully immersed in the moment and free from intrusive traumatic thoughts.  The focus is on not falling, which after several sessions of falling and standing builds resiliency over time.

Social Bonding

Paddlers fall into the water and laugh together.  They celebrate moving over waves, and applaud one another  as they try to stand. The activity allows individuals who have been through trauma to bond around an immersive shared activity, without the need to discuss uncomfortable issues.

Building Success

Rapid succession of accomplishment can build self-esteem.   Paddlers learn quickly how to move the board in the direction intended with the paddle, how to balance on the board in the face of waves, how to get back up on the board after falling, Each of these accomplishments instills confidence  of physical, mental, and emotional accomplishment.

Our therapeutic paddle groups for trauma survivors are changing lives!  We have brought out survivors of human sex trafficking and women experiencing homelessness to paddle, as they scream, laugh, cry, and triumph over the waves, one paddle at a time. We carefully designed the groups with components backed up by research, and are producing great outcomes.  Read about our group paddle programs below!

Therapeutic Paddle Groups


Paddle with us through the tropical sunsets.  Experience the magic of the NightGlow Tour while we take photos of a lifetime!

Sunrise Paddle

Paddle through the tropical beauty of the sunrise, with our expert paddle coaches.  We'll enjoy a morning coffee on the boards, with a paddle tour & photos of a lifetime!

What our adventurers say...

"Best experience in my life...most amazing pictures of our time in the water as we watched the sunset and wished well upon the world...such a positive life-changing experience!”​

Katharin, USA

January 11,2018

"I was dealing with grief and depressed and paddleboarding ended up being the experience that helped me."


February 23, 2018

"As I continued to paddle, my knees stopped shaking, and my confidence started to grow."


February 23, 2018

"The sunset, lights of the city and stars completely cleared my mind, so I didn't have to think about enything else.."


September 6, 2018


Our Founder

From Rock Climbing around the country, to paddling in Hawaii, read the story of our Founder, Cara Sadira, the Executive Director and the steps she's taking to improve the lives of trauma survivors in Miami