Trips for Kids Rising Up



For girls ages 9-13 heights 4'9" and above


Ride our bikes (provided) along private dirt roads and trails.  Make herbal salves and instruments and cultural crafts.  Each day begins with a circle of thanks leading to an adventure, followed by a nature or cultural craft and ends with a guided healing drum circle.   We may paddle board for one day in Hilo.  That is dependent upon beach closures and weather.


Originally incorporated in Miami, we have moved our headquarters to Hawaii to facilitate girls' empowerment programs that include outdoor adventure, nature craft, cultural craft, and healing drum circles.  These adventures are designed to build upon the natural strengths and talents in girls that increase confidence through skill and connection in the outdoors.  Our vision is that all girls exit our program feeling as if they have a "home" in nature as a place they can go to heal, find adventure, strength and connect to their internal guidance.


Tuesdays 2:30 - 5:00 

Beginning September 29th and ending November 3rd.

Located at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center


Bicycle, Helmet

All necessary equipment for crafts.


Please bring your reusable water bottle.  We do not support single-use plastics.  We do not provide or sell bottled water in a single use bottle.  It mostly ends up in our ocean and harms marine life, sadly. 


Please wear pants or shorts suitable for riding a bicycle.  Please wear closed toed shoes.

Please do not wear dresses or skirts, wide legged pants, or slippers.

You may want to bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  We also provide helmets.


This program is open to all Hawaii girls, ages 9-13 regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, income level, etc.  The program is limited to 5 youth participants at a time due to current social distancing requirements.  After submission of application, our facilitator will contact the guardian to discuss the program and the interest level of the participant.  Acceptance into the program will be based upon the child's level of interest, ability to participate in all program days, and precipitating factors that would lead to the need for an empowerment program.  Notification of program acceptance will be made one week prior to the launch of the program.

What our adventurers say...

"We were engaged throughout the entire ride! This is one of the best rides we have ever done”​

Brian USA

March, 2019

"I'm so happy I found this ride! Gorgeous views along the ride, great company!  I highly recommend giving (this ride) a shot!"


March, 2019

"Amazing bike ride, such a great organization for a good cause as well, totally support their vision and wish all the best success!"


March 2019

"I learned lots! The group dynamic was great! Good exercise"


February 2019

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