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As a result of CoVid, we have suspended our Miami operations.  We are working to launch a voluteer-led paddle program in Hawaii.  Check back for updates.

Therapeutic Paddle Groups


In the past year, Rising Up Adventures has brought 50 women & children who have survived human sex trafficking, domestic violence or neglect into the outdoors to heal. They RISE UP to the sunset or sunrise, championing over their life stories, stronger and bonded to one another.

Our Impact

Our clinically approved pre and post-tests indicate that we are improving the resilience of Miami's survivors.  Reliance statements sound like, "I am stronger because of what I have gone through." "I now have the strength and support to handle anything."

Paddle with us!

We take survivors of violence and neglect paddle boarding to recover from trauma. 

Our 4-week research-based curriculum increases confidence, social bonds, reduces intrusive thoughts and increases physical activity,  all research-based avenues to increase resiliency.  

We solidity the new sense of self through silhouetted images against the sunset, in which survivors learn to see themselves as champions, stronger because of their resilience to move forward despite life's waves.

Paddle with us!

What our clients say...

“While being so busy with trying not to fall, you forget everything around you. Once I managed, I could just look around to the sunset and lights of the city and stars with a completely clear mind, not thinking about anything else.”    

“I was nervous before getting out there. Not just for the fear of falling, but being embarrassed in front of other people if I couldn’t stand up. It proved to be an extremely empowering experience and I was more than glad that I did it and conquered it.”
I was dealing with grief and depressed, and paddle boarding ended up being an experience that helped me. In the experience, the physical act became a symbolic event of my rising from my depression and confidently paddle my way through it with confidence and support from peers who became soul friends
I was nervous at the start of the experience. Cara and the team gave me words of encouragement and the time to figure it out and ease my nerves. I never felt pressured. As I continued to paddle, my knees stopped shaking, and my confidence started to grow…I was stunned looking at the photos.  I could not believe that was me standing in the middle of the ocean!  It made me feel confident and inspired me to try it again!”                           
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Rising Up Adventures is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, registered to accept donations in the state of Florida. Registration number: CH54861.  A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free (800) 435-7352 within the state. You can also check the registration status at: https://csapp.800helpfla.com Registration does not imply endorsement approval, or recommendation by the state.

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